Hartley Gray A Simple Plan

A Simple Plan

While fleeing her snooty ex-girlfriend’s summer solstice wedding shower, Bea Dillingham slams into the biggest, goofiest dog. He’s a great distraction from her humiliating evening, but it’s the dreamy-voiced woman with him who tempts Bea to ditch her promise to herself to … what was it? Right. Stay single and independent.

Too much dog-induced chaos has Violet Quinn desperate to return to her perfect, predictable life three time zones away. But first, she needs to renovate and sell the old house she’s inherited—an impossibility when this mutt who came with it keeps chewing it to bits. And now he’s clobbered a new victim. The lovely Bea. Whose eyes sparkle like the summer stars and whose success in calming the beast leaves Violet entranced.

Out of sorts but clinging to reason, Violet finds herself proposing a simple plan: she’ll pose as Bea’s girlfriend at her ex’s upcoming wedding, helping Bea save some face and win some closure, if Bea trains the pooch to perfection. And of course, they’ll stay personally unentangled. But Bea and Violet soon find, when it comes to love and other, um, entanglements, the stars have their own plans—and they’re perfectly unpredictable.